We are Bombnivores, a band based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two music nerds who like way too many bands.


We are Bombnivores, a band based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two music nerds who like way too many bands.

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Hailing from Halifax, the multi-instrumental duo of Jamie Larade and Sheldon Kelly make spacey, groove-heavy experimental music under the moniker of Bombnivores.
They recently dropped their Exclaim!-approved third effort, In Tension, and now one of that album's standout cuts has been given the video treatment by Toronto production house, Boom Shoal Enterprises (known for their work with Canadian artists like More or Les and Muneshine).
The clip for the wordless psychedelic beat workout that is "Distributive Abyss" is an appropriately trippy affair, with footage of the band performing in a room continually manipulated in post production to create a hazy wash of warped hues and abstracted close-ups of furiously playing hands and fingers.

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in tension (may 2017)

1. Cycle Through 03:28
2. Android Crush 03:05
3. Distributive Abyss 03:13
4. A Fire With Nothing To Burn 02:47
5. Invading Your Space 02:21
6. The Gift Of Getting Lost 02:41
7. Mute Tone 03:39
8. Keychase 03:45
9. Having Every Right To Collapse 03:26
10. Sarcasming 03:52

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'In Tension' Album Review
"If you're looking for music that stands apart from crowded sonic trends without sacrificing tunefulness, Halifax's Bombnivores are dealing in just what you need. In Tension, the duo's third release, is bursting at the seams with ambition and restless inventiveness drawn from an impressively wide sampling of influences.
Scott A. Gray

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About Bombnivores

Bombnivores are Jamie Larade (drums, samples, bass) & Sheldon Kelly (vocals, keys, bass.) They are childhood friends from Nova Scotia who began collaborating from a shared love of music and the obscuring of it's boundaries. Starting off in 2013, their sound was eclectic & sample-based. They became focused on fusing electronic with acoustic.

Their new album 'In Tension' avoids genres while embracing the progressive experimentation & harmony of their many influences (Radiohead, Bjork, Broken Social Scene, Flying Lotus, Half Moon Run, The Meters, Machinedrum, Patrick Watson... the list goes on...)

For all the music that has affected them over the years, they seek to pay homage via creation with an album that sways like a mixtape, blurring lines between IDM & post-rock, between the melodic & the abstract, between the groove & the mood.

Artistic ascension is key and 'In Tension' is a wave to be heard from these east coast shores.


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